Thursday, June 26, 2014

He Goes Before Me (Details)

So, in my last post (in January... terrible I know...) I was beginning the process of "Letting Go." It was pretty terrible. Even though it was hard, I was able to spend quality time with the people that were such a big part of my life. I'm so thankful for those precious times. Playing basketball with some of my favorites (you know who you are #'s 1 - 4), "Senior trip to Seoul", Church praise team, dinners with friends, and so much more. Saying goodbye or "see you later" is no fun, but it is definitely a part of the letting go process. As the school year, wound down my heart broke more and more thinking about saying goodbye. At the same time, I didn't know what the future held for me, so of course that added to my wandering thoughts. I finished school moved out of my apartment, moved away from Korea, went to Hawaii for a glorious vacation and time to relax. We got home on Saturday. Since then, I've been to church, helped hand out flyers for a missions event our church is hosting this week. I've had 2 interviews, signed a contract for a job, signed a contract for a rental house, and signed a contract to purchase a car. I've also been involved with a 3 day Block Party/Backyard Bible Club/Church outreach event.

Many of you have wondered about the details of this new job, my house, and car so here goes.

February - I applied to teach at a local Christian school.
March - Still no reply from that school, Went to the Philippines for Spring Break Missions. The night I left the Philippines, I received a facebook message from a friend. I had noticed that she moved back to the area, so I sent her a message to ask what she was doing and where she was teaching. When she wrote back she told me about the school in which she was teaching. She asked if I was interested in teaching there. I said, maybe, I applied to another school but they never responded. So, she put me in contact with her principal and I've been in communications with this school since then.
When I read the job openings, I was a bit in awe of what was available.
Brief Rundown of my job experience:  My degree and certification is Elementary Ed: Preschool - 4th Grade, but I've been teaching Middle School/ High School Science for the past 10 years. I've also taught Elementary Computers and PE, and secondary PE. I coached at different times and different levels for the last 10 years volleyball, basketball, and soccer.
The job openings that were available were: 1st Grade, 4th Grade, MS/HS Science, Athletic Director, Basketball Coach. I felt like this was definitely of God. Then after talking more with the principal, I found out that the science program used the exact same curriculum that I had been teaching for the last 10 years. Another amazing thing.
Anyway, I found out in May that they had already offered this position to someone else, but they really wanted me to come there to teach, so they asked if I would be interested in teaching 4th grade for the school year and then possibly could move into the secondary the following year if I was interested. I wasn't so excited about teaching elementary, even though that's my degree, because I have absolutely loved teaching MS/HS students.
I was willing to give it a try though, because who knows, maybe I'd still like it. So, I said I would consider it.
I've been waiting for a final interview with the school board since that time....
House info: during this time, my parents heard about a friend who had a house they were trying to sell in Forrest City, I wasn't looking to buy, but ask my parents to go check it out in case she wanted to rent. They went to visit, but the house wasn't in good conditions or in a good neighborhood. The neighbors who had the house key shared with my parents that their church had a rental house that they rented out to people - although it wasn't listed. They were picky about renters. Anyway, mom and dad went to check out this house and they loved it. It's a little 3 bedroom with 2 bathrooms. The lady who showed them the house was on the church rental committee, so she said they would consider reducing the rental cost. Mom said we'd contact her when I got home.

Fast Forward to This week.
We flew in Saturday afternoon. Monday I had an interview, I thought it was supposed to be with the school board, but instead it was with the principal and another administrator. We met for quite a while. They asked me to come back Tuesday to meet with the school board.
Tuesday Mom had the day off, so she went with me. While I was meeting with the school board, she contacted those people about the house. So after my meeting and we had lunch, we went over to look at the house. It is an older home, but it's nice and small perfect for one or two people. They told us that the committee had agreed to reduce the rent for me, because after they met my parents they felt like this house was meant for me. They reduced the rent to $300.00 a month. That's totally unbelievable, because most apartments are renting for over $400.00 a month.
Not only that, but were going to give me two couches, a refrigerator and a stove to use for no charge.
I hadn't received a contract yet, so I said if I get the contract tomorrow, I will definitely rent from you.
Wednesday (Yesterday) I went back received and signed my contract. Then I contacted the rental people and I met them, payed 6 months in rent (Thanks to the Korean Gov't. for sending my pension so quickly!) and then drove back to C'ville. On the way I stopped at two car dealerships, looked around got some prices and then went home. Once I was home my dad took me to another car dealership, where he knows people, and while looking around, I found the perfect car for me. Because I had my pension money, I was able to put a big chunk of change down, making my car payments pretty feasible. So, by the end of the day I had a new job, a house, and a new car.
What a day.

Yesterday my mom was telling people at her work about my situation and one of the guys said, man she moves quickly. Mom's reply was "No, God went before her." This is so true. His hand is written all over this, His provision has been evident from the moment I chose to follow Him and "Let Go" of the place I absolutely love, Korea. It hasn't been easy and I know there will be hard days as I adjust to many things (like being an American again, teaching elementary, living "at home, but not at home", etc...) but I know He is with me each step of the way.
P.S. as of this moment I have been given (offered) these things for my new home: 2 Couches, 3 Recliners, Dryer, Kitchen table and chairs, 2 desks, dishes and other kitchen things, and so much more. God is good. I'm thankful for the friends He is using to help me. Amazing...


Jamie Danuwar said...

Hooray for you. Love your story. Praying for your new beginning

notes on the journey said...


Thank you so much for telling your story. God does go before, behind and with us, doesn't He.

So good and sovereign.

Glad to have you closer,

Maybe a meeting halfway :)


Kristen said...

Hey Kim thanks! I would love to meet up with you guys someday!